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Sold Horses 

Congratulations Scarlett Heller and Edelweiss Farms on the lease of Wizard Z. We wish you all the best this season!

Leased 5/2021 - 2022


Congratulations to the Moody Family on the purchase of Passion Z a Zeppelin Farms Inc. graduate! We look forward to seeing what Emy and Rey accomplish together. 

Sold 4/2021

Congratulations Meadow View Farm and Claire on the purchase of Exclusive Z! Jaxx was such a special horse to us and we are beyond ecstatic to have found him his forever home.

Sold 2/2021 


Congratulations to The Grunvald Family on the purchase of Rivolia D'icha. We are so excited to be part in matching Dahlia with her perfect horse!

Sold 9/2020

Congratulations to The Brinen Family on the purchase of Wall-E in Hockley Texas. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Wall-E and your daughter.

Sold 8/2020


Congratulations Ellie Swank on the purchase of Delys Du-Frech Try! We can't wait to see you dominate in the jumper ring. 

Sold 7/2020

Congratulations Jody Radtke on the purchase of Pablo's Charm. We are so glad she found her forever home with you and your daughter.

Sold 5/2020 


Congratulations Alyssa Karle and Lacey Stormes on the purchase of Bubbles! We wish you the best of luck and a life long partnership.


Sold 12/2019

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